Jul 05, 2012 Owners of pit bull ticketed following Naperville attack

A pit bull that attacked and injured a teenage boy early last week at a home on Naperville’s far southwest side has been designated a “dangerous dog” by police, but will be allowed to continue living with its owners.

Police Sgt. Gregg Bell on Thursday confirmed the owners of the 3-year-old male pit bull have received a municipal “nuisance” citation in connection with the attack, “as well as the animal being declared a ‘dangerous dog’” by city animal control officers.

“With the designator of ‘dangerous dog,’ the owner has to take several precautions,” Bell said in an email. Conditions of continued ownership include “having the dog muzzled whenever the dog is off their property,” Bell said.

By Bill Bird
Naperville Sun Accessed: 2012-07-11. (Archived by WebCite® at http://www.webcitation.org/695Nm5AFz)

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