Apr 12, 2012 Cook County Cop Details Off Property, Unprovoked, Serial Attack to Defend Pit Bulls

Harvey - This Easter Sunday attack was not reported in the media.  Officer Wiley, in great detail, describes a serious serial attack by two pit bulls at large that predictably ended in one of the pit bulls being shot by police. Then he goes on to say "it's all how you raise em" as if negligent lab owners who let their dogs run are responsible for an equal number of off property maulings.

'I also noticed two pit bulls with the same coloring and markings. I pulled along the side of this young man and asked him what is going on, and quickly realized this young man age 18 was bleeding from his arm and hand. He quickly told me, "The Dogs are attacking me."'

"When multiple squad cars arrived. I was informed that the same two dogs had just attacked a elderly man, and ripped the flesh off his arm. We went to look for the dogs in the direction I had last seen them run. A few minutes later, I heard multiple shots fired in which turned out one of the animals attempted to attack a police officer."

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Chicago Heights Patch Accessed: 2012-04-12. (Archived by WebCite® at http://www.webcitation.org/66sMNzxds)