Mar 19, 2012 Wonder Lake Man Suffers 100 Puncture Wounds in Home Invasion Pit Bull Attack

Wonder Lake – The dog is described as a brown male pit bull or American bull dog weighing about 100 pounds with a black muzzle and a 6 by 8 inch patch of white on its check, according to the health department.

The homeowner who suffered possible nerve and tendon damage in the attack was standing in front of his home on the 7600 block of Cedar Road on March 11 when the dog entered his garage and attacked his dog.

The man, who was seriously injured in the attack, will likely undergo rabies vaccinations, Quackenbush said.

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List of Invasion Attacks
These are attacks where the dog invades a home, place of business, occupied building or securely enclosed yard expressly to attack.  Attacks in which the pit bull pulls another animal through their fence in an attempt to kill them are also considered invasion attacks.  These attacks are virtually non-existent among normal dogs.