Dec 30, 2011 Irresponsible Owner's Pit Bull with Bite History Shot While Wandering Neighborhood

Mary Gholston had an un-spayed pit bull terrier with a bite history that she routinely let outside to wander the neighborhood. Gholston admits to the dog having one litter of puppies.
On Christmas day, while it was off property, unattended and uncontrolled, someone in the neighborhood shot it.
And Brian Stanley of the Herald Tribune paints this most incredibly irresponsible owner as a victim. Why should a neighborhood be held hostage by a free roaming pit bull with a bite history?

Dog’s Christmas Day slaying ‘so cruel’
By Brian Stanley

Joliet Township - It was around 11:15 a.m. when she opened the back door of her house in the 200 block of Louis Road so Angel could go out into the yard. “She’d go to the bathroom by the fence and then sometimes go next door, but she never ran around and would come back,” Gholston said.
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