Chicago Dog Expert Steve Dale Responds to the Mauling in Cary, IL

In blog posts following the Cary IL attack on Nick Foley, Jourdan Lamarre, and four others, Steve Dale says "it could have been any breed" that launched this rampage. This is patently untrue. While other kinds of dogs might rush out of a door and attack, the length of the attack, the tenacity, the severity and the amount of tissue loss are all characteristic of only pit bull type dogs. Study after study by doctors, plastic surgeons, and trauma surgeons note that pit bull attacks are more severe and the only kind of attack that results in dramatic tissue loss.

After typing some bare bones platitudes, Dale self-importantly brags that he "couldn’t sit back and allow BSL in the city I love so much..." and and then he reveals how he successfully maneuvered to deflect any meaningful, protective response to the dangers that Nick Foley's attack revealed.

While reading Dale's posts, please keep in mind these two phrases from the Chicago Tribune article by Carolyn Starks and John Heilman:

Read Studies by Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses and Hospitals about Pit Bull Attacks that refute Steve Dale's idiotic assertion that any breed of dog could have inflicted this kind of attack on a human being: