Apr 07, 2011 Danville Letter to Editor: Dogs Kill Pet Cat name Pumpkin

Letters to the Editor


DANVILLE — On March 19, two large dogs were running around the Holiday Hills subdivision. They entered my yard on Hillside Drive and killed my precious cat, Pumpkin. He was the smartest, most adventurous boy. He was the alpha in the house and in my heart. He was unhappy being confined by walls, so I let him spend time in the backyard. My heart is devastated, and a part of me has died.

I ask all residents of Holiday Hills and Danville to call animal control or the Humane Society if they see these two dogs, or any dog running loose. One is a brown pit-bull mix. The other is a white Labrador mix. Since these dogs have tasted blood, they will kill again. The next victim might be your small dog, cat or baby. These dogs are a danger to small children and infants.

The dogs who killed my cat did not wear collars. Do they have up-to-date rabies vaccines? If anyone knows any animal that is abused or neglected, please call the police or Humane Society. What if you, the human, were created as a dog who had to spend all its time alone or always tied to a tree or was hungry?

These dogs may have been hungry. I chased them away before they ate my Pumpkin. I quickly took my baby to a clinic, but a 10-pound cat cannot survive a bite to the throat from a 75-pound dog. If any person does claim these wild beasts, he or she should pay my veterinarian’s and cremation bills.

Danville does have a leash law. Please, everyone needs to help to put a stop to unsupervised dogs before another life gets injured or killed or causes a vehicle accident.

Barb Albers