Aug 04, 2010 Dog Injured On 7/28 by Pit Bull Mix. Information needed.

Chicago – There was another incident at the dog beach where a dog injured another dog, and the owner left the beach without taking responsability for his dogs actions.

On Wednsday, July 28 at 10 am a small white Schnoodle was injured by another dog who tried to steal her tennis ball. The dog was playing fetch on the north end of the beach when the Pit mix aproached the small dog and tried to steal her pink tennis ball. When she wouldn't drop the ball, the Pit mix grabed her by the back and wouldn't release her until the owner pinched it's cheeks and forced it to let go. The Pit's owner responded by saying "Sorry, my dog usually only bites when he's bitten first". The Schnoodle was rushed to the vet, and the other owner left the beach, no information was exchanged.

The attacking dog was discribed as a "50# dog that was a mix between a pit bull and some kind of hound. It clearly had the face/jaw of a pit. It was the golden brown color of a Vizsla. The owner was a male, early thirties, short brown hair with a goatee. Tan caucasion but possibly Latino. About 6 foot tall and lean."  There were 50 or so people at the beach that morning who may have seen the attack. If anyone has any infomation about the owner or dog, please contact us.

by Beth Smith
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