May 1, 2010 Woman wants pit bull that bit dog removed from dangerous dog list

Mazon –  A woman filed suit in circuit court, Thursday, April 29, seeking to have her dog removed from  the dangerous animal list.
Lynn Peterson of Mazon filed the suit against Grundy County Animal Control.
The complaint states Peterson’s dog Daisy was charged June 27, 2009, with biting another dog at 508 Seventh St., Mazon.

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Peterson was eventually successful in getting Daisy removed from the dangerous dog list with help from Ledy VanKavage, the very person who crafted Illinois' Dog laws.  VanKavage fights strenuously for the freedoms of the owners of biting pit bulls to the detriment of your children and crafted her legislation to afford great protection to dangerous dogs and their owners.  From Ledy's own  BFAS Pit Bull Initiatives news alerts:
“...I wasn't going to let a few judgmental neighbors send her (Daisy) to her death. She is a member of our family,” Lynn reflected on why she felt overturning Daisy’s designation was the right thing to do despite being legally challenging. Initially, Lynn could not find an attorney to take Daisy’s case. Through the grapevine, Best Friend’s own Ledy VanKavage put Lynn in touch with an attorney that was sure to fairly represent Daisy during this process..."
BFAS Pit Bull Initiatives Program heralds this as a first and claimed it was a victory that saved a life even though a dangerous dog designation does not allow euthanization in Illinois.  

Neighbors were so outraged that their safety didn't merit the miniscule assurance of a muzzle on Daisy to protect them that Lynn Peterson felt the need to move to a more "accepting" neighborhood.  What do you want to bet Peterson didn't inform her "accepting neighbors" of Daisy's bite record and that "dupes" would be a better term than "accepting neighbors."