Jul 19, 2006 Lawsuit: Alton Pit Bull Bites Jogger Who Sues

Alton - An Alton woman claims her neighbor’s pit bull bit her while she was jogging, according to a personal injury lawsuit filed in Madison County.

Peggy McGinnis claims that on May 2 she was jogging on Ethel Avenue in a peaceable manner when Susan Gomer’s pit bull ran out of its house and across the street, viciously biting her on the left leg and ankle causing her to fall to the ground.

McGinnis claims Gomer failed to have the dog on a leash and failed to have the dog licensed as required by Alton City Code.

According to the complaint, McGinnis suffered severe laceration and puncture wounds to her left leg and ankle requiring hospitalization and surgery for treatment of infection.

McGinnis also claims she incurred substantial medical expenses, experienced pain and suffering, has permanent scarring and disfigurement, and has lost wages.

Represented by Richard Sharrard of Edwardsville, McGinnis is seeking damages in excess of $50,000.

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