Dec 19, 2005 Some want crackdown on pit bulls Recent dog attacks prompt more legislative attention

After a swift succession of particularly heinous maulings by pit bulls which left 14 year old Lydia E. Chaplin dead and 10 year olds  Nick Foley and Jourdan Lamarre horrifically mauled, several Illinois legislators once again attempted to craft legislation to protect Illinois children from dangerous dogs including an attempt to deem pit bulls and rottweilers dangerous dogs by Rep. Michael Tyron of Crystal Lake, Il which is in McHenry county about about five miles from Cary, IL, where Nick and Jourdan's attack took place.

Springfield - "Rep. Michael Tyron(R) Crystal Lake, said penalizing owners makes sense but so does restricting some breeds that have proven to be inherently dangerous.

Tyron argues it makes no sense to require a court order to deem those breeds dangerous... His bill would consider those dogs dangerous automatically and give local authorities more regulatory power.

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