May 24, 1991 Oak Park Pit Bull Owner Hit With $1,000 Fine

Oak Park — The Oak Park man whose pit bull bit a neighbor while attacking the neighbor`s dog has been fined $1,000, and the animal was banished from the village and sent for training.

Cook County Judge James Flannery Jr. fined the dog`s owner, James Brown, for five violations of the village`s animal code, said Jack Tibbetts, assistant village attorney.

The incidents helped sparked a campaign for a pit bull ban in Oak Park.

After an attack on a neighborhood dog last fall, the pit bull was accused of entering a neighbor`s home in April and attacking the family dog, a Great Dane. The neighbor tried to break up the fight and was bitten.

If the dog does not shape up while in the care of a trainer, the animal will be put to sleep, according to the judge`s order.

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