Jul 19, 1990 Chicago Pit Bull Killed 6 Month Old Tionna Kenny

Chicago - "Yolanda Applewhite was outraged and defiant upon learning that no charges would be filed against the owner of a 55-pound pit bull that had mauled her 6- month-old daughter to death.

``I will press charges against him,`` she vowed.

The attack on Applewhite`s daughter, Tionna Kenny, occurred as she slept Wednesday night in the dog owner`s apartment. It, and another fatal attack by a mixed-breed pit bull last month in south suburban Dolton, have renewed the debate locally over the powerful dogs and how best to deal with them."

"That pit bull, which was owned by Tyrone Harding of 1339 W. 112th St., had bitten a resident of his street this year and had allegedly killed another animal. The dog was given a lethal injection Thursday.

``The animal killed another animal, had been impounded and was known in the neighborhood as a dangerous dog,`` said Randy Lockwood, vice president of the Humane Society of the United States, based in Washington, D.C. ``It should have been locked up in a cage or destroyed long ago.``
Map of Illinois Fatal Pit Bull Attacks by dogsbite.org
After living within earshot of Harding`s vicious dog, some of his neighbors said they believe that all pit bulls should be kept away from human beings.

``I love animals,`` said one neighbor who asked that her name not be printed. ``I have three cats and I had four dogs. But I feel pit bulls should not be allowed in a city.``"

"According to national statistics kept by the Humane Society, half of the 14 fatal attacks on humans, primarily children, so far this year have involved dogs that were at least part pit bull."

Back in the 1990's the Humane Society kept statistics of fatal attacks.  They have ceased attempting to be humane to children and monitor data that could improve safety to children, pets and adults.

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