Apr 06, 2013 Pit Bull Kills Yorkie Near UIC

Chicago - Winnie, a 6 pound yorkshire terrier, was mauled to death by a pit bull that raced up behind her and the man walking her with no warning.  Winnie's owner tearfully spoke about how much she loved gentle Winnie whom she thought of as family.
RIP sweet Winnie and condolences to her heartbroken owner
A heartbroken and devastated Victoria Griffin watched the "the life leave from Winnie's eyes."

Griffin would like to see a community initiative to help ensure no other small, gentle dog is ripped to shreds in a foul and disgusting and completely needless death.

Commenter Tony Solesky sums up the problem:

Tony Solesky ·  Top Commenter · Perry Hall High School
The first step in taking owner responsibility is by what type of dog you choose. You cannot own a Pit bull no matter how skilled you are and call yourself a responsible owner. It is like not having your child in a carseat or buckled up because you are a well trained driver. Such a foolish concept - it is all in how you raise them. I guess it is all in how you drive then. Good dog breeds are good dog breeds no matter who owns them and safe cars are safe cars no matter who drives them. A good dog breed and a good owner are the only responsible combination. It even appears that this young women had a different view before she had a dose of reality. Now is not the time to kiss up to Pit bull owners. You just lost your beloved pet to a loose Pit bull. I never owned a dog that when it got loose it mauled or killed anything much less a child that found their way into my yard to retrieve a ball or someone elses loose dog. If you have to worry that if your dog gets loose or if a kid comes in your yard someone may die, something is wrong with you and your dog in that order.

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NBC Chicago 5  Accessed: 2013-04-08. (Archived by WebCite® at http://www.webcitation.org/6Fjp8hEly)

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