Apr 11, 2013 Bloomington pit bull attack prompts change in dangerous, vicious dog ordinance

Bloomington - The pit bull attack that sent two people to the hospital last October, one of them for an extended stay and multiple surgeries, has prompted consideration of new dangerous and vicious dog ordinances.  The goal is to prevent dog attacks.

To that end several changes are being considered:

  • The city would automatically recognize a dog as dangerous or vicious if another jurisdiction has already done so.
  • The city would place new requirements on owners of dangerous and vicious dogs who want to keep them.
  • A “dangerous” dog would be one that behaves in a threatening manner or, without justification, bites a person or other animal without injury.
  • A “vicious” dog would be one that bites without provocation or is known to attack or cause injury. A dog could risk euthanasia if it kills or severely injures a person or dog.
  • A dog could risk euthanasia if it kills or severely injures a person or dog; if it has rabies; or it has been declared vicious and is not kept under the conditions spelled out under the new rules.
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Many cities around Illinois are attempting to address and prevent dangerous dog problems which turn out to be pit bull problems:
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