Apr 03, 2015 Chicago: Leashed Pit Bull Kills Leashed Pekingese

North Side Rick
Thank you North Side Pets for posting this. I can confirm this and give a little more detail as this is my Mom's dog. Wednesday around 11:30am my mom was walking our dog Milo on in front of our house on Ravenswood/North Shore. A woman was walking her dog past our house, my mom pulled our dog to the side to let them pass. The woman stopped and allowed her dog to get close to ours like she wanted them to play all of a sudden without any warning the dog bit our dog in the throat and started throwing him around (our is a Pekingese), the owner could not pull off her dog. This attack occurred for quite a long while as the dog wouldn't let go. The scary thing was even after the dog let go the dog attacked again and was biting our dog's stomach even though he was no longer moving. We have a lot of small dogs in our area and myself having two kids this is obviously a pretty dangerous dog to be in our neighborhood considering the aggressive and unprovoked nature of the attack. The dog was a white Pitbull and the person walking was a female in her mid twenties probably Caucasian. She ran away after the incident, a neighbor witnessed the attack and said she went to an apartment around Wallen. My mother is traumatized and heartbroken. We filed a police report and I encourage any one with more information to call Rogers park police station or animal control. Thank you!

North Side Rick
Thank you all for your kind words. We had Milo for 12 years and he is part of the family. My kids are both sad and too scared to walk outside our house now.
Roger - she was Caucasian with around shoulder length dark hair, thin build, mid twenties. Unfortunately we don't know what building she went into as we got this information from someone who witnessed her running away and tried to see where she went, that was all the information he gave us. .
Bruce - I agree I would have to assume she didn't understand what was going to happen and also agree there should be some accountability here. Even more so this dog is dangerous, from what was described it was just a brutal attack I don't want this to happen to anyone else. Thank you all again for your comments.

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