Jan 2, 2013 Jogger who lost leg wants pit bull regulation

Joseph Finley's detailed description of his attack on ABC local from a year ago:

 Chicago - Joseph Finley lost his leg on January 1, 2012 after he was attacked by two pit bulls that escaped their yard.  A year later, Finley is still recovering mentally and physically from the attack.

Finley says it has been difficult to overcome a "mental state of not wanting to accept that my leg wasn’t there anymore."

Finley wants to remind people that the recovery from this kind of of devastating attack will take years.  He wants to use his experience to call for tougher pit bull legislation in Chicago and Illinois  to save others from the devastation and disability he will take years to overcome.

Help Joseph Finley get the word out that Chicago and Illinois need strong pit bull laws:

Chicago Mayor's Office:
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Illinois Attorney General - Lisa Madigan
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Read more:
CBS local Accessed: 2013-01-02. (Archived by WebCite® at http://www.webcitation.org/6DNbdyE26)

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