Feb 11, 2015 Waukegan pit bull shot by pet sitter

Waukegan - Romena Rhyan was pet sitting for a pit bull named Veyda when a neighbor's pit bull attacked it in her yard.  The attack moved into her house.  She warned the attacking pit bull's owner she was going to shoot it if he couldn't get it off.  He did the "ineffectual tapping of the mauling pit bull's head" that we see so often in videos of pit bulls mauling at the feet of their owners and it didn't work once again.  So Rhyan, who was legally armed, shot and killed the mauler at which time the mauling pit bull owner, standing in the blood, asked why she shot his dog.

In Waukegan, pit bulls invading homes and attacking dogs, and private citizens shooting and killing invading pit bulls in their home is evidently so common, it's not even news.  This story didn't make the news until shots were fired into Romena Rhyan's house a few days later, presumably in retaliation.  Two people have offered reward money for information about the shooter and Romena Rhyan now fears for her life and can't allow her grandchildren to come to her house anymore.

One of the people who offered a reward is Keith Turner, a local activist who loves motorcycles and guns and who might be the person who talked Romena Rhyan into getting a gun in the first place.  He probably failed to mention that other people have guns and will not always choose to use them legally when you piss them off with even legal and justified gunfire.  A break stick and a pit bull ban would have worked much better here.

In other Waukegan news, the Waukegan Police Animal Control's facebook page is nothing but a pit bull rescue.  And has a pit bull for a mascot, complete with police vest.

There's a big drama playing out in the comments section on the AC fb page.  Evidently the police arrested a man on Christmas Eve for selling backyard bred pit bull mixes called Olde English Bulldogges without a $25 license.  ARRESTED.  And they took the puppies from the mother.  And the rescue they gave them to immediately turned around and began selling them for $600 a pop.  WOW!  Soon Waukegan will be facing a lawsuit and people will be breeding pit mixes with impunity. Wait, they already are.

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