Feb 02, 2015 Champaign News Contributor Writes a Pit Bull Apology After Serious Pit Bull Attack

Champaign County - Noelle McGee wrote an apology for pit bulls in the aftermath of a horrendous attack on a county sheriff.  She begins by describing a horrendous pit bull attack to a mail carrier 9 years previous that left the mail carrier with horrible, permanent physical and psychological issues.
Look below at related posts and you will see that there have been some other ghastly attacks in Champaign county since this 2006 attack including two attacks on octogenarians.  McGee uses about 400 words to describe the attack.  Then she uses over 1,800 words to quote pro-pit bull myths by pit bull apologists.

"When Wendy Starkey heard about a Champaign County deputy's Jan. 7 attack by a pit bull, it immediately took her back eight years ago to her own horrifying experience.

Around 4:30 p.m. on Dec. 26, 2006, the Danville letter carrier was delivering mail in the 100 block of South Griffin Street, on the city's southeast side, when two pit bull-types bolted from a house across the street, knocked her on her back and started mauling her.

"They literally took turns shredding me to hell," Starkey said of the dogs, which later were declared vicious and put down.

"I kicked and fought and kicked and fought," she recalled of the attack, which lasted three to five minutes but seemed much longer. "Every time I grabbed for my mace, they'd bite my arm. Thank God it was cold that day. I had three layers of gear on."

And we find out that the two counties she looked at refuse to keep track of the breeds of dogs they impound and could only give estimates about how many pit bulls they impound each year.  Despite that, since bite reports are mandated by Illinois law to include breed, Vermillion county states that 40% of bite investigations were caused by pit bulls (50 of 123 in 2014).  Champaign county AC estimates that roughly a third of total dog bite investigations (923 in 2013, can't get 2014's figures together) involved pit bulls.  So, champaign county AC is not following the law by not recording breed information for bite investigations or couldn't be bothered to add those numbers up.

Note that is is how many dog bite investigations AC performed, not the total bites reported to the county health departments.

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