Feb 01, 2015 Antioch Rescue Pit Bull Seriously Mauls his Owner; no media coverage

Antioch - This serious pit bull mauling never made the news.  The following account is from the family's gofundme page.  The pit bull named Zeus that attacked his owner was a rescue that the family had adopted only 7 or 8 months previously.

From the gofundme page:
What happens AFTER they bite the hand that feeds them! Superbowl Sunday events were winding down... our family had enjoyed the game from the comfort of our living room during the blizzard conditions that had moved into Chicagoland area.  School had already been cancelled for the next day so extended ending time of celebration for my son who's Patriots beat my husband's Seahawks!
This is the third known Illinois pit bull attack in which the
victim tried to use a pitchfork to stop the pit bull
Everybody was recounting moments of game and there were no volunteers to take the dog out.  So.... I got myself dressed in layers to keep the blowing snow away from freezing my little butt off.   I had it all on... turtleneck, hoodie sweatshirt, leggings, flannel pj pants, snowpants, ski jacket, gloves + boots!     I laughed at my resemblance to the stay-puff marshmellow man and thought it would NOT be fun to fall in this 12+ inches of snow and have to try to get back up.  Any hesitation from me was erased by our dog  "Zeus" who was quick to remind me that my mission was to get him outside.  I announced that we were headed out into the "blizzard" and stepped out into to frozen yard.  

The surreal quietness was only interrupted by wind gusts blowing snow from all directions.  The snow had buried almost everything in the yard but a small shallow area next to a huge drift.  Since no-one had been out during the game to shovel area for him to pee, we headed for the drift zone.  Zeus was jumping around in the snow after he finished going potty.  I clapped my hands together and said "OK buddy... Let's go back in!" 

I turned my back to him and started to walk to front of garage and driveway.  Without warning... Zeus came running from behind, jumped into air and clamped onto my left arm!! The impact initally propelled me face first into the fluffy but DEEP snow.  Zeus was tugging my arm and pulling me around yard thru snow and the release command was ineffective!!  He was in "attack frenzy" and continued to ratchet-down on my jacket and forearm.  As he was dragging me through the area behind garage I spotted my garden tools leaning against corner of building.  I was able to grab the pitchfork and tried to use it to stab him in face and mouth to force open.  Could not get him to let go... but did get him to re-position his grip repeatedly.

Reality check that I needed to SURVIVE!! He was tugging and dragging me in circles twisting my arm under my head.  His teeth were inches from my face as we twisted around in the now packed down blood-spotted snow behind the garage.  He stopped pulling for a moment and I realized that I could get away IF I could get out of my jacket! I managed to unzip jacket with my right hand and used my teeth to pull end of sleeve to free right arm.

He started to drag me again and pulled me past the lawnmower that was frozen into snow at side of garage.  I reached pipe framework handle and pulled myself into cage to provide some leverage and anchor me while I continued to try to pull my left arm free of the sleeve!  He continued to open jaws only to almost instantly bite down again and again.  I felt urgency in getting hand out and pulled back as lawnmower was tipping over. I felt pressure release in wrist then jacket was off!  I sat frozen, afraid to move while I looked up to see where dog was.  He had my jacket (still by sleeve) and was bouncing around the yard with it.  I slowly managed to manuever myself into sitting position and deceided that I needed to carefully stand and get into driveway then get into car until someone comes out to find me.

Then a voice cuts through silence... my husband Jeff walked around front edge of garage  "What is taking so long?"  I shouted that Zeus had attacked me.  He asked "what are you talking about?" as he rushed to me and I lifted my arms to reveal my blood-soaked sleeve to hold him while he scooped me up to carry me into house!  I told him "It's bad! We need an ambulance!!" I knew I was in shock already... the attack had lasted 20-30 min!

The next hour was insane... 911 call in a blizzard!  Paramedics arrived and immediately stressed urgency to transport! Multiple lacerations without bleeding and grey-blue fingers primary concern.  IV started in good arm for administration shock fluids and pain meds.  ambulance driver amazingly gets thru blizzard to Condell Hospital.  Emergency staff / x rays / surgery / pins to repair fracture / 47 surface stitches / able to save hand.  Rececks / suture removal / pin removal / physical therapy... PAIN!! It's been more than a month and this personal caregiver has STILL NOT BEEN RELEASED TO RETURN TO WORK! I cannot use my left hand yet...  complete regained function is questionable.  I have been vital part of our family's financial survival and now am in need of an angel or two.  Mounting medical bills and income replacement necessary for our family.  Please help!

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