Jun 27, 2013 Pit Bull mauls 10 year old girl - crowd cheers as pit bull owner arrested

UPDATE: The girl who was attacked met with her savior, Terry Burnside Sr. at a fourth of July party to give him a trophy and thank him for saving her life.  "

"I really appreciate him saving my life that's why I wanted to give him a trophy," Sionna Barber said

Animal Control is calling the dog a Shar Pei, a dangerous fighting breed from China, but there are no photos available of it.  It should be noted that pit bull advocates often have  trouble distinguishing a pit bull and a shar pei mix.  See the Shar Pei meme to learn about this strange phenomenon.

Peoria - A 10 year old girl was mauled by a loose pit bull while she was playing outside.  Her rescuers, Terry Burnside Sr and Terry Burnside Jr, beat the dog off the girl with a hammer and their fists to stop what they called a shocking attack.

The girl was taken to the hospital with deep gashes and multiple injuries to her head, back and arms.

The pit bull owner, RITA S. WASHINGTON,  took the pit bull and hid it in her house without attempting to aid the child in any way.  When police came for the pit bull WASHINGTON attempted to give them a different dog.  Police finally were able to get the pit bull and placed WASHINGTON "into custody to the cheers of a gathered crowd."

RITA WASHINGTON was arrested on a warrant for an outstanding traffic ticket and for obstructing police.  She was given two piddly tickets for failure to inoculate or register the mauler and for allowing the mauler to run at large and create a nuisance.

This is the second mauling of a child by a bull breed dog reported in the news since Peoria was reported to be looking at how to limit dog attacks.

Here's a hint: regulate or ban bull breeds.  Peoria is a home rule city and under home rule, Peoria can implement BSL despite the statewide ban on BSL.  And the Illinois home rule system "gives the broadest and most liberal authority to cities and counties of any state in the nation" according to NIU's Center for Governmental Studies.

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