Jul 08, 2013 Felon ex-cop's Pit bull attacks man

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Centreville - A man is suing the owner of Town & Country Towing, HARRY HALTER, after HALTER's pit bull escaped from the towing company property, ran into a neighboring convenience store parking lot and launched an unprovoked attack on a man there.  The man is suing for more than $100,000.

HALTER, who is known as "DINK" and occasionally "DINKY" was also employed as an auxiliary police officer for the towns of Alorton and Fairmount City.  

This is his arrest record:

Here's a civil suit he was involved in.
Our client was stopped for allegedly violating the obstructed windshield statute. (She had a pine tree air freshener hanging from her rear-view mirror.) Our client was violently pulled from her vehicle and beaten so severely by three purported Alorton police officers that she suffered a seizure disorder that causes her to have multiple seizures per week. She was tased and kicked in the head, losing vision in her eye for one year. Our client continues to have pain radiate down her leg where she was tased. The officers are Robert Cummings, Harry "Dink" Halter and Bryant Falconer. Robert Cummings was the police chief who is now a federally convicted felon. Harry Dink Halter is currently facing felony charges in St. Clair County for forcing a woman to submit to a sex act while he was in a police cruiser. Bryant Falconer's whereabouts are unknown. The case is set for jury trial in March 2012.  We were able to settle the case for $250,000.  The case was filed in St. Clair County Circuit Court.  2012.

HALTER'S one recent felony conviction amid all those dismissed cases was for pulling a woman over when he was off duty and out of his jurisdiction and coercing the woman to engage in oral sex with him to avoid a criminal charge for driving on a suspended license.  Court records indicate HALTER was drunk at the time.

The comments here seem to be from people who know HALTER well.

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