Nov 26, 2012 Kids in Chicago don't see a problem with dogfighting

Chicago - Thanks to policies and programs by Safe Humane Chicago and Best Friends Animal Society that encourage pit bull ownership in poverty stricken neighborhoods infested with dogfighting, and placing fight bust dogs back into Chicago communities, small children are now wondering what the problem with dogfighting even is.  They see it all the time, and, as 14 year old Jason Walker says, "I really don't see what the big deal is about making dogs fight.  If two dogs want to fight then how is that illegal?"

Even though Safe Humane Chicago has been propagandizing about pit bulls to kids  in Chicago communities for years, kids still don't see what the big deal about dogfighting is.  Dogfighting is still a way of life.

So, by all means, let's continue to pump more pit bulls back into impoverished neighborhoods. And, by all means, let's take fight bust dogs and put THOSE pits back in Chicago neighborhoods providing cover for the dogfighters and endangering normal dogs.

Heaven forbid we ban pit bulls, removing cover for dogfighters and the opportunity for pre-teens to fight their pet pit bulls informally, preparing them for the big league.

Let's keep working to make Chicago more dangerous and more inhumane.

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