Nov 11, 2012 Kane County Health Dept. Confirms That First Responder Dawn Brown Killed By Bullmastiff

Health Dept. officials confirm that Dawn Brown's mastiff
was a bullmastiff gripping breed

Big Rock - The mastiff that killed its new owner, firefighter Dawn Brown, was a bull breed.  Just as developers of the pit bull terrier cross bred terriers with bulldogs to give them deadly gripping traits, developers of the bullmastiff were bred from 60% mastiff and 40% bulldog to create a more aggressive mastiff.

As has been widely reported, the bullmastiff was a new addition to the family and the dogs were not getting along together.  There has been speculation that Brown attempted to break up a dogfight.
Dawn Brown was a gripping breed lover.  Her two other dogs were a pit bull mix and a boxer.

The bullmastiff was euthanized.

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