May 25, 2012 Carmi citizens want pit bull ban

Carmi residents report being afraid to go outdoors because of an ongoing problem with loose pit bulls.  The mayor reports that the city's hands are tied because Illinois Bans BSL which protects pit bull owners and breeders to the detriment of people and their pets.

Carmi - A neighbor's dog, who was unleashed and unattended, entered the other resident's yard and attacked the dog being brushed. The woman attempted to separate the dogs and suffered multiple injuries, including 16 puncture wounds to her hands. She was treated at an area hospital and her dog remains under the care of a local veterinarian.

The attacking dog was a pit bull breed and Port acknowledged at Monday's meeting there has been a call from neighbors in that area for the council to enact breed-specific prohibitions against pit bulls.

The mayor said such an ordinance has been considered, but the council learned state law prohibits breed-specific prohibitions. One neighbor in the area told The Times she is afraid to be outdoors because of the roaming pit bulls in her area and no longer allows her grandchildren to play outdoors because of the problems.

By Braden Willis
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Cities all over Illinois are trying to address a growing epidemic of pit bull attacks and are hampered by Anna's Law which forbids BSL and allows dogs to attack three times before being deemed vicious.  Every one of the following proposed or enacted dangerous dog ordinances are in response to pit bull attacks.
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