May 31, 2012 Godfrey pit bull only quarantined after 3 confirmed attacks

Godfrey - Officials in the town of Godfrey IL are claiming there is nothing they can do but give a three time mauler back to the owner.  Illinois vicious and dangerous dog law does make it difficult to have dogs declared dangerous or vicious, but it can and should be done.  Town administrators should pursue a vicious dog designation for this pit bull.  Having the dog deemed vicious gives the town administrators the power to put the pit bull down.  Illinois law also specifically gives the town the power to decide where the dog will be kept for the duration of the proceedings.  They can keep the dog at animal control and charge the owner for board for the duration of the process.
Not only can they hold the dog, they most certainly should hold the dog.  Read the letter from a victim's attorney from a previous bite case involving this dog in the comments section of the story.
UPDATE: Another serious attack by this dog previous to all the others has been reported in the comments section of the news story.  See below.
The dog and its owners are all dangerous and the dog should not be allowed to continue to harass and traumatize the community.
UPDATE: The animal that attacked three other people will not go free this weekend.

A Godfrey pit bull has attacked three people and sent its latest victim to the emergency room with severe injuries. But this weekend, the dog is headed back home, without any restrictions or punishments. 
"It grabbed my back thigh," Vest said. "It took me down. It scraped my knees and dragged me back on the sidewalk." 
And then it took a chunk out of her leg.
She called her dad, who just happened to be the on-call surgeon at the nearest emergency room. 
"I was horrified at the bite," Dr. Vest said. 
Animal control director David Hall says under the current state law, there's little they can do, other than quarantine the dog.

From the comments section:
This pit bull dog attacked a woman on August 10, 2009 in Godfrey when the owners took it to their business. The woman was simply walking through the front door of the owners' business when the pit bull attacked her without provocation or justification. I personally examined this dog as part of a lawsuit following that attack, and can tell you that in my opinion there is something wrong with this dog - it should not be on the streets. It is a shame and quite frankly ridiculous that the dog was allowed to be involved in a 2nd attack in 2010, and now this 3rd attack. If this dog is not "vicious" under IL law, then NO dog will ever be deemed "vicious" under the law. I love animals, especially dogs, however, a pattern of attacks is an ominous sign and cannot be ignored. We don't give humans this many breaks before they are sent away to prison for a long time. My thoughts are with Mallory Vest and her family.

Chris Wright, Attorney
Millikan Wright LLC

Here is some additional history sharing: This is not hearsay, but rather a first-hand, gut-wrenching account of another attack by this pit bull. In June of 2009, my small terrier was in OUR front yard only two feet from OUR front porch. Now, I’m assuming since my terrier IS a dog, that she saw the approaching pit bull from a dog’s point of view. Although there is a leash law in Godfrey, the pit bull was roaming our neighborhood (which I might add, is inhabited by dozens of small children). Hearing the most blood-curdling yelping I have ever heard in my life, we ran out our front door to see our little dog being shaken and nearly shredded alive by this “no-pattern-established-yet” pit bull. After days in the emergency Vet clinic, our dog miraculously lived. Based on my experience, and learning now of these other attacks (and yes, I have verification that it IS the same dog), I “deem” this dog vicious. This story is a good example for training owners: If you have a dog that has attacked three people and nearly killed your neighbor’s dog - THAT’S A PATTERN. Be responsible and get rid of the dog.

by Kasey Joyce
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