Jun 07, 2012 Cops Shoot Dog After One Attacks Elgin Firefighter, 2 Charge Firehouse

Elgin – Elgin Fire Capt. Tony Bialek was on the back patio of an Elgin’s fire station ... when a 90-pound female pit bull came at him.
"... I shut the door, and the dog jumped up on the glass...” he said. “The dog was bouncing off the glass, trying to get into the station.”
Then, another larger dog – a 130-pound Presa Canario mix – joined in, and the two dogs kept firefighters from going outside, bouncing against the firehouse door glass, trying to break it.
“They wouldn’t let nobody out of the station,” Bialek said.
Police came and one of the dogs attacked them, so officers shot and wounded the animal. Both animals ran back to a nearby home.

by Bernie Tafoya WBBM Newsradio
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CBS local Chicago  Accessed: 2012-06-08. (Archived by WebCite® at http://www.webcitation.org/68H6KiCWL)

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