Jan 22, 2015 Lawsuit: West Chicago Pit Bull Attack Killed Neighbor's Dog

West Chicago - Bonnie Price said she and her dog, Toto, were on their afternoon walk June 24 in the 1000 block of Trillium Trail when the unrestrained pit bulls attacked after escaping from a nearby residence on Wild Ginger Trail.  The vicious, off property  and sustained attack was unprovoked, predatory, and came with no warning.
RIP Toto

Price, 84, filed the lawsuit in DuPage County this month seeking more than $50,000 in damages against neighbor Kapil Sachdev, who owned the pit bulls.

The pit bulls were put down.  This was the second small dog in the neighborhood that these pit bulls had killed in vicious off-property, predatory attacks.

Sachdev was a self-proclaimed pit bull rescuer and had several pit bulls in his home.  A judge found him guilty of permitting a dangerous dog to leave the premises and he was sentenced to 24 months of court supervision and 50 hours of public service and ordered to pay $250.  The judge also barred Sachdev from having another pit bull breed dog.

Read below the heartbreaking account of the attack.  Bonnie Price, Toto's owner saw the pit bulls barreling toward them, picked up Toto, and said, "Toto, we're in trouble." before the pit bulls killed Toto.

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