Jan 27, 2015 Three Chicago Pit Bulls Attacked Dog Being Walked on Leash

Chicago - I was walking my dog and 3 dogs from 3242 West Divison attacked my dog. Thank god som good semaritians driving by stopped to help when they saw me fighting them off my dog. Beware of the area.

They were from that building (3242 W. Division). 3 pit bull type dogs. The little white one was the most aggressive and was the one latching onto mine. I have 9 month old bullmasitff and he's not aggressive at all. He actually when under a truck to try and get away but they were smaller and still able to get them. The owner had no control of them at all, and none of them had tags or collars. Took my dog to the vet and luckily the wounds weren't to bad but the police just gave her a ticket for loose dogs because of the daycare next door, and not being able to see wounds on my dog at the time because he was covered in mud trying to hide under the truck.

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