Mar 12, 2014 New Mason County Animal Control Officer Copes with Pit Bulls

Mason Co-The first day on the job, Mason County Animal Control Officer Joe Ragle had to contend with a pit bull that turned on its family.  In the first few months on the job Ragle has had to deal with four pit bulls that turned on the family and needed Ragle's help getting it off of the property.

"Ragle said in a report to the County Board that he has not had any incidents in which anybody has been seriously hurt but that possibility is there, as evidenced by the January incident in Bloomington in which a 4-year-old girl was killed by one of her family’s pit bulls. According to Ragle, there are a lot more pit bulls in the county than he realized before he took the job, and he hopes dog owners remain mindful of how powerful the dogs can be."

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