Aug 31, 2013 Glenwood: yet another Illinois town grappling with pit bull problem

Glenwood - The village has enacted a non-breed specific dangerous dog ordinance in response to a pit bull problem.  Every single Illinois municipal area that has looked at stronger dangerous dog statutes has been prompted to do so because of pit bull attacks.

"[Police Chief Demitrous Cook] said he has noticed a lot of pit bulls and Cane Corsos in the village and that a recent situation occurred in which a pit bull kept jumping a fence to get at a neighbor woman's bull dog, which was injured.

"She was afraid to let her children in the yard," Cook said.

Cook said he was once chased by a pit bull while walking in the village and that Glenwood officers have twice had to shoot pit bulls."

Glenwood joins Peoria, Bloomington, Galesburg, Macomb, Lake county, Cary, Carmi, Skokie, Elgin, Arlington Heights, Waukegan and Wilmington in attempting to address a pit bull problem with non-breed specific dangerous dog laws in the last couple years.

When is Illinois going to realize that the emperor has no clothes and pit bulls are an unwarranted threat to human and pet safety?

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