Aug 31, 2013 Chicago pit bulls critically injure man

UPDATE: The victim Nikita Taylor is recovering.  And after saying there was nothing they could do and allowing the pit bulls to stay on the property, CACC returned and impounded the pit bulls.

Chicago - Nikita Hampton Taylor was horrifically attacked by 6 pit bulls while walking down a sidewalk past a fenced yard.  The pit bulls escaped the fence and launched a "pit bull frenzy" attack.  One witness said she couldn't tell if his arm was still attached and that the dogs had ripped the skin off half his face.  Another said there was so much blood, you couldn't tell where his wounds were.

Even though neighbors have been so scared of those dogs that they no longer are able to walk down that part of the street, animal control claims they can't figure out how to keep the neighborhood safe from the dogs.  And as if to cement home the fact that they are completely useless, animal control said its just fine that the pit bulls be put back in the yard they just demonstrated they can escape from when they feel like attacking people.
WALTER FIELDS blaming the victim

The owner,  WALTER FIELDS, claims his pit bulls are sweet little pups, and further claims that the young man was so stupid that he taunted 4 to 6 pit bulls that everyone in the neighborhood is afraid of by repeatedly kicking the gate so hard that he loosened the gate himself - and he expects us to believe that crock!  Oh, wait, animal control evidently has the utmost confidence in FIELDS' word even though they've given him dozens of tickets.  FIELDS believes he has received too many tickets and doesn't see why his dogs should be taken away - because, get this, "they don't randomly bite people."
the multitude of maulers behind fence they escaped from

"Police said, of the 13 citations issued, six were for not having required licenses for the dogs, four were for failure to keep the animals under restraint, and three were for lack of rabies vaccinations."

If there were no rabies vaccinations, then the pits, by Illinois law, must be impounded and held for 10 days observation.  Chicago animal control is not following Illinois law.

Further, Cook county law states: When the biting animal is currently inoculated with rabies vaccine the animal's health shall be reported by the veterinarian to the Cook County Department of Animal and Rabies Control on the first and tenth days of the observation period for rabies.

 Chicago ordinance also states: 7-12-090 Owner's responsibility where animal has bitten another animal or person. (b)  After notification by the owner pursuant to subsection (a)(1), the executive director may impound, at the owner's expense, any animal that has bitten any other animal or person to make a dangerous animal investigation pursuant to Section 7-12-050(f).

(c)   In the event of severe injury or death to a person, the executive director SHALL impound the animal, at the owner's expense, as set forth above in Section 7-12-050(f)

... And animal control says, "there's nothing we can do..."  They are lying.  They just don't feel like they need to obey the law because WALTER FIELDS' neighbors don't count.  But, CACC is breaking the law by leaving those pits in that yard after they seriously mauled a man.  Not only can they impound the maulers, it is mandated that they do so.

  If the pit bulls lived next to this home, they'd be impounded:
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