Aug 13, 2012 Family tries to recover after fatal attack on pet

Villa Park — Julie Ketter’s 11-year old daughter hasn’t been able to sleep. At night she’s kept awake by nightmares, and during the day she’s afraid to go outside or ride her bike.

Her mother pleaded with the owner to get rid of the dog because her daughter is scared to go to the park and there worries that neighborhood children will be safe.  It is unlikely, however, since that owner is breeding the dog and has a litter of pit bull puppies.

At this point, pit bull advocates will say, "He should be responsible." or "Ban irresponsible owners!" or something equally juvenile and ineffectual.

The real question for the grown ups is: What can anyone realistically do at this point in the situation to either stop Munez from owning pit bulls or force him to be responsible (and intelligent).

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