Apr 13, 2016 Aurora Pit Bull Attacked a Person and Her Dog in Park

Aurora - A pit bull mix with a history of aggression and biting was shot and killed Saturday afternoon in Susan John Park.
Aurora Doesn't Need Pit Bulls
According to the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office, at around 2:07 p.m. April 9, deputies were dispatched to the park, located at 29 Hampton Road in unincorporated Montgomery, for a report of a loose dog being aggressive toward a person and their leashed dog.
When deputies arrived, they found the dog has been shot and killed by a man who witnessed the altercation between the pit bull, person and other dog, police said.

“The person who shot the dog witnessed the aggression of the dog from his home near the park and interceded between the dog and the victim,” police said.

The man had a valid Illinois Concealed Carry License and immediately unloaded his firearm and turned it over to deputies, police said. There were no other injuries.
It was later determined that the dog had a history of aggression and biting, according to police. The sheriff’s office had investigated two previous incidents this year involving the dog. The dog’s owner had been cited twice for no rabies tag and received another citation for a dog running at large.

The dog had also been referred to Kendall County Animal Control for a bite during one of the previous incidents.
The incident is still under investigation.

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