Apr 12, 2016 Paris Pit Bull Attacks Child Going to School

Paris - A pit bull that was chained in the front yard of its house snapped its chain and attacked a girl on her way to school.  Zach Adams saw the girl was being attacked and saved the girl from the pit bull.  Adams was bitten as well.  The pit bull was owned by KATY D. CRAIG.

Both Adams and the girl went to the hospital to have their wounds attended.

Police chief Mike Henness said, “Unfortunately, we get this (kind of) call more often than we should. … Dog owners, for the most part, believe their dogs aren’t vicious.”  He also said that people should not chain their dogs in the front yard and that if people see dogs chained in the front yard or any other dangerous dog activity to call the police.

The head of the local animal shelter provided useless advice to deal with a pit bull attack.  The only safe way to deal with a pit bull attack is to make sure they never happen.

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