Sep 18, 2015 Wood River Pit Bull Attacked A Dog and Rescuer

Wood River - “Police responded to the report of a dog attacking another dog and a bystander on Thursday morning.  A responding police officer used his Taser to stop the dog from attacking a man, forcing the pit bull to release its hold and run away.  The dog was later captured.

The incident began around 8am as a man was walking his dog on West Jennings.  The pit bull reportedly jumped over a fence and started biting the other dog, a black lab.  The owner of the lab yelled for help, and a neighbor called police.  In the meantime, at least two other people tried to stop the pit bull, one using a broom handle and another a wooden chair.  The man using the chair was then attacked by the pit bull when the dog bit his arm.  The police officer arrived shortly after, and used the Taser on the animal.  Madison County Animal Control is currently holding the pit bull as the investigation continues. “

Neighbors credit a thick leather collar the lab was wearing for saving the lab's life because the pit bulls was savagely attacking the lab.

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