Aug 01, 2015 Lincolnwood Pit Bull Kills Yorkie in Front of Children Walking Their Pet

Lincolnwood - NBC news reported on a pit bull attack on air and got right to the point.  However, their online story has careful wording the headline and calls the pit bull "a large breed dog" until the very end of the article to placate pit bull advocates who control media in Illinois.  Watch the video.

An owned pit bull launched a "vicious" and "horrifying" attack on a beloved yorkshire terrier named Fifi.  Fifi was being walked by her 11 year-old owner and her friends in a park at the time.  The pit bull came out of nowhere to launch an unprovoked, off property, predatory attack on Fifi.  Eleven year old Klaudia Zarebski heroically tried to save Fifi when she saw the pit bull coming for her, but the pit bull literally ripped Fifi out of Klaudia's arms to shake Fifi as if she were nothing but a toy.
Fifi at the vet, paralyzed by the pit bull
The owner got nothing but a slap on the wrist - a ticket for having a dog off a leash.  Nothing for allowing his dog to kill.

Fifi was paralyzed and had to be put down at the vet.  No word on how much the vet made off of this pit bull's attack.  We hope that if the veterinarian is pro-pit bull and anti-BSL that s/he has a strict policy to only receive compensation for her work by the pit bull owner and do this pro bono if the victims have to pay so it doesn't seem as if s/he's taking a position that will benefit her/him financially at the expense of many victims and their families.
Family says good bye to Fifi before she is put to sleep
The family should dig into the past of the dog and not count on authorities to find past attacks by this pit bull and owner.  If there are past attacks, more can be done to get rid of the menace to the neighborhood if the owner is unwilling to do the right thing.
This 11 year old girl and her friends also watched a pit bull attack
her beloved Daisy in Villa Park exactly 3 years ago.
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