UPDATE Oct 12, 2014 Lawsuit: McHenry Former Mayor and Prominent Lawyer Attacked by Pit Bulls

UPDATEJudge bars 2 pit bulls from returning to their  owner's home.  The pit bull owner says she "feels bad" her pits attacked a puppy for no reason, but she wants them back even though this is not the first time they've shown aggression.  The neighborhood wants them gone.
facebook photo of the pit bull owner  who wants to keep
the mauling pit bulls.
UPDATE - the former mayor of McHenry and his wife have filed a lawsuit to have the pit bulls that launched an unprovoked attack on their golden retriever puppy removed from their neighborhood.
Addie, the Golden Retriever Puppy attacked by pit bulls

The McHenry county health department has received several calls from outraged residents asking why the pit bulls had not been remove before this incient because there have been several previous complaints about the pit bulls.

The McHenry County Health Department spokesperson says that there is an ongoing investigation, but they will do nothing to abate the potential risk to human safety in the mean time for fear of violating the irresponsible pit bull owners' property rights.

UPDATE: Because the victims have some influence, a Chicago outlet picked up this McHenry pit bull attack story including a video interview, video of the golden retriever puppy victim  and background footage showing the well-to-do neighborhood.

McHenry - Irresponsible owners put their pit bulls behind an electric fence from which they repeatedly escaped.  Their pit bulls decided to attack a small dog owned by a prominent lawyer.

"Addie went through two surgeries on a thigh and a front leg at Companion Animal Specialty and Emergency Hospital in Crystal Lake, Cuda said. She came home Wednesday but is also covered in puncture marks and is “at wit’s end.”

“It was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever gone through,” Cuda said. “The more my dog screamed or cried, the more vicious the pit bulls became.”

In the last four years in Illinois, a lawyer, his wife and dog; a circuit court judge; a plastic surgeon's daughter; a Lake County board member's dog; a Rockford alderman and daughter and an Elgin mayor have all been attacked or menaced by pit bulls, and nothing is being done about the pit bull problem.

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