May 07, 2014 Roxanne Hartrich Wants No Parent to Lose Their Child to a Pit Bull

Please watch to Roxanne Hartrich's interview.  She, her husband and her family lost their beautiful daughter when their own, well-raised pit bulls attacked Kara on her fourth birthday in January 2014.

She wants to spread the word about the myths about pit bulls that lead people to endanger their children without knowing better.  Please watch and help her spread the word.

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 "I would encourage anyone in anyone's family or who knows people with pit bulls to speak your mind.  Tel them what you've seen.  Tell them what you've heard.  Tell them what you know.  Point them in the direction of the different sites you can go to and let people educate themselves.

People need to be aware these are not the kind of dogs to have around your kids.  They're not.  I know they seem loving and cuddly and wonderful and loyal.  And I know people that have them swear up and down that their dog is wonderful.  That it's just some kind of freak accident.  These dogs came from a loving home...(Kara) was very respectful.  She grew up around dogs.  She knew not to get in their faces.  She didn't pull on them.  She didn't sit on them.  She didn't do any of those things.

And I can't go backwards.  But what I can do is try and educate.  And try to put the word out.  And let people know that this is happening.

And I pray that it doesn't happen to them because no one wants to live this life.  This is the worst kind of hell any mother can go through."

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