July 12, 2013 Yet Another Pit bull Attack in Galesburg

Galesburg - Bosco, a brindle boxer, was attacked by a big, mean pit bull while on a walk with his owner, Ron Schofield.  Bosco is the center of Schofield's life and when Bosco escaped his collar and ran for his life, Schofield was devastated.

Bosco came home injured Monday morning.  When Schofield went to Prairieland Humane Society to report the incident and file a complaint, he was treated with a ticket for not having Bosco registered by Chris King.

Galesburg residents contend that the pit bull that attacked Bosco is known to be mean and that people have called in complaints about it.  But just as with the pit bull that killed Ryan Maxwell, there seems to be no record of those calls and complaints at the Humane Society.  No paper trail for the pit bull means no way to have it declared dangerous.

Once again, Chris King does not seem to understand that his job as an animal control officer is to protect people and pets from dangerous dogs, and seems to not care about people and pets that are attacked by pit bulls.

Instead of trying to get on board and recognize they need to re-evaluate their priorities, they simply cry "witch hunt" and suggest people are out to get them and, more importantly, take away a significant amount of their generous $250,000 a year contract with the city.

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