In her statement to police the lady walking our beloved pets stated,
"That vicious animal was heading directly for me...his eyes were fixed on mine. That little brave dog stepped in front of me and I will always know in my heart that he saved my life by giving his to protect me." As Shibui's owner, on several occasions I witnessed him move to the side of his blind companion dog when another dog approached. He took his job as protector very seriously.. It's not the size of the's the heart of dog that makes him great. We miss our brave little Shibui more than words can express.
Thank all who have taken the time to weep with us and share our grief. Aug. 23, 10:30 Mundelein Courthouse we will be in court to make sure the IDIOT Bender sister and brother are made to take responsibility for Shibui's death. Please come if you can and support the cause to BAN PIT BULLS, a dog that is bred to kill!!!!