Jun 12, 2013 Tom Loewy: Pit bull attack kills beloved pet

Bob is on the right RIP
Abingdon-Bob was a particular feline. 
He liked to get up early in the morning. He liked to make sure his owners, Lissa Mings and Bobby Landon, filled his food bowl. And when weather allowed, he liked to be let outside for a lap around the house before settling on the front porch to gaze and blink at the world as it passed through Abingdon.
“That was Bob. He was a good cat,” Landon said Monday afternoon. “He had his own personality. Some people might not understand this — but Bob was a big part of our family.”
You may have noticed Landon spoke of Bob in the past tense. That’s because the black cat that brought his own indelible personality to the house Mings and Landon share at 411 W. South St. is dead.
Bob died Saturday morning after being attacked by a pit bull.

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