Jul 21, 2012 Pit bulls at large

In Cary, Illinois, the residents must never forget the horror of the Nick Foley attack and town leaders must be proactive in keeping citizens safe.

To the Editor:
An editorial is in order regarding this ongoing reporting about pit bulls. In March, two pit bull-mastiff mix dogs made an unprovoked attack on my elderly collie on my property. I was helpless, and there was nothing I could do with this beast’s head down in my collie and literally shaking her to death.
Instead of it being a crime scene, law enforcement considered the mauling of my collie and her untimely death nothing more than “dogs at large” and a “petty offense.” This is like someone running my dog and I down with their car on the sidewalk and getting a ticket for an illegal lane change.

Tim Sheridan

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Northwest Herald  Accessed: 2012-07-22. (Archived by WebCite® at http://www.webcitation.org/69L4vhsn1)

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