May 07, 2012 Pit bull attacks in Skokie lead to ordinance changes

Animal control in Skokie sees pit bulls being responsible for 14% of vicious dog attacks as a good thing.

Skokie – The Skokie Health Department is looking to strengthen its ordinance pertaining to “vicious animals” after two dog attacks in March. Both attacking dogs were pit bulls.  One pit bull killed a small dog and the other pit bull injured the owner of the small dog he saved from an attack.

“We usually only have two a year out of 2,500 licensed dogs,” Skokie Health Director Dr. Catherine Counard said. “To have two attacks in a month is very unusual. They were two different dogs.”

14 percent of vicious animal attacks in Skokie over the years have involved pit bulls.

This is a first - animal control looking at 14% bite attack rate and touting that as a GOOD statistic.   It is doubtful that pit bulls represent 14% of the dog population over the years.  Pit bull advocates themselves generally say pit bulls represent 7% of the total dog population.  With the pit bull population rate growing quickly in some areas, averaging the pit bull attack rate over "the last few years" is likely a tactic to hide a recent and sharp increase in pit bull attacks.

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