Apr 29, 2012 Recently Adopted Pit Bull Savagely Attacks Basset Hound

The unpredictable nature of predatory pit bull attacks cannot be "caught" by temperament testing which is known to be unreliably inadequate for all breeds. Unpredictability is one of the traits that make pit bulls uniquely dangerous. This is just the latest attack by a newly adopted pit bull in the last couple months.
The comments get whacky, but true to form, the other pit bull fanatics blame the fanatic owner and the fanatic owner blames the shelter. And, like all nutter reasoning, it is two fries short of a happy meal and no one states the obvious.

file photo of a basset hound
Elgin – Glen and Nancy Moss of Elgin bought Carson on April 1 and renamed him Smithers. Three days later, the dog mauled a neighbor’s basset hound before attacking Nancy’s leg as she tried to separate the dogs.

The basset hound required about $1,100 in veterinary costs; Nancy Moss was hospitalized for two days. Her husband said that because the dog twisted when he was biting down, it created tears that stitches could not fix.
“Something snapped in the dog,” Glen Moss said. “This was flat-out rage.”

by Sarah Sutschek
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