Apr 02, 2012 Man Forgives Dog That Bit Off His Nose (but wants it euthanized for public safety)

The victim, Bill Lesinski,  is also a proud pit bull owner and he emphatically wants to make clear that he does not blame the dog even though he believes it should be put down.
He believes the owner of the pit bull is solely to blame for raising the dog wrong.  Despite having played with Monster five minutes before the attack and evidently believing Monster was a safe, friendly pit bull, and despite having known Monster since it was a tiny puppy, he believes that his neighbor did something to create this unpredictable and unforeseen violence.
Note that neither the owner nor the victim pit bull owner have jobs or insurance.

Pit owning victim Lesinski  sans nose and Monster the sweet, loving attacking pit bull 

Chicago – A northwest side Chicago man faces a mountain of bills and a long road to recovery after a pit bull bit off a portion of his face over the weekend.
"When I crouched down, the dog just lunged at me and grabbed me by the face," said Lesinski. "I have a torn part of the septum, the bottom part of my septum, and they have to reconstruct my whole nose."
That reconstruction will require about six surgeries throughout the next nine to 12 months and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, he said doctors told him.