Mar 31, 2012 Rockford Woman Scared After Mauling by Neighbor's Pit Bull

Rockford - Lisa Jackson was attacked on March 24 by a pit bull.

Jackson said her 3-year-old pug, Daisy, was in the backyard and she was unaware of a freshly dug hole. Suddenly, she found her neighbor’s dog in her yard attempting to confront Daisy.

“Daisy is pregnant,” Jackson said. “I threw myself on her.”

Jackson kept Daisy from harm. She could not do the same for herself.

The pit bull sank its teeth into her left ankle. When she turned to flee, she stepped into a divot and injured her other ankle.

While on the ground, Jackson was mauled. Finally, she was able to grab a stick and forced it into the pit bull’s mouth.

“I wasn’t trying to pry his mouth open,” she said. “I couldn’t.”

Instead, Jackson said she forced the stick into the dog’s throat, hoping it would choke and release its grip.

“I tried to kill it.”

Jackson is scared because after escaping containment and launching an uprovoked, off property attack on a human, the pit bull will be returned to the owner.

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