May 05, 2007 Urbana Pit Bull Invades Home Attacks 85-year-old for 30 minutes, Breaks Her Back

Urbana – At three in the morning, when 85 year old Margaret Winkelmann opened the door to let her little dog out, a "sleek, well-fed" pit bull rushed into their home and launched a 30 minute bloody attack.

Margaret's back was broken and Gandy, their little cocker spaniel mix was hospitalized for 4 days.

The News Gazette  Accessed: 2012-03-07. (Archived by WebCite® at

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List of Invasion Attacks
These are attacks where the dog invades a home, place of business, occupied building or securely enclosed yard expressly to attack.  Attacks in which the pit bull pulls another animal through their fence in an attempt to kill them are also considered invasion attacks.  Invasion attacks by dogs other than pit bulls are virtually non-existent.