Aug 12, 2015 Park Ridge Pit Bull Attacks Three Dogs, Killing One

Park Ridge - A pit bull owned by SEAN C. ZULEY has been loose and has attacked dogs and their owners three times.

ZULEY’s pit bull bit a leashed dog on April 16.  On April 25 ZULEY’s pit bull attacked another leashed dog on the neck while being walked by two women.  One of the women walked ZULEY’s pit bull to the police station. 

ZULEY was given three citations and ZULEY’s pit bull was impounded for a 10 day quarantine.

ZULEY failed to appear at two case review Animal Commission meetings in May and June.  The owners of the victim dogs were upset that the owner had not shown up, and had not paid the veterinary bills for their dogs.  The city replied that the police are not bill collectors.  They added that there would be an adjudication process for the city to attempt to claim the unpaid fines, but that they wouldn’t help at all with getting the vet bills paid.

After attacking two leashed dogs unprovoked and off property causing damage that required veterinary aid, the city decided deem ZULEY’s pit bull “at-risk.”  The victims did not believe that was strict enough.  They also did not think that ZULEY would comply.  The city said they thought maybe they could throw some more fines at ZULEY if he did not comply, but they weren’t sure.

The victims all stated that the dog was dangerous and that the Commission’s finding was not strong enough and questioned whether pit bulls were trainable.

The victims were right on all counts and ZULEY’s pit bull was at large again on August 6th and this time when it attacked a leashed dog, it ripped off the dog’s ear and then punctured his skull, killing him.  The owner needed to go to the hospital for puncture wounds she received trying to save her dog.  

It took two male passersby to beat the ZULEY’s pit bull until it let go.  Then the men held the pit bull down until police came.

And still ZULEY gets to keep his dog.  There are more restrictions that he will not comply with; ZULEY hasn’t even gotten his pit bull licensed yet.

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