Apr 16, 2015 Wataga Pit Bull Killed Small Dog

Wataga - In a little town in Knox County, just outside of Galesburg, a little dog was killed by a pit bull on Monday.  The pit bull lept two fences, one was 6 feet tall, to knock down the owner of the little dog in order to get the little dog out of her hands and rip the little dog's throat out.

When police arrived they found the 19 year old owner of the little dog covered in blood.  The pit bull had lept up, grabbed her hair and pulled her to the ground.  She was taken to the emergency room, treated and released.

A man came and tried to save the little dog, but it was too late.  The owner showed up later.  She agreed to have the unvaccinated pit bull put down.  Its head was sent to a lab for rabies testing.

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