Mar 4, 2015 Tom Loewy: Ryan Maxwell Remembered By What We Didn't Do

Galesburg - On the second anniversary of Ryan Maxwell's death by pit bull attack, Tom Loewy helps Ryan's family spread the word about the grim reality of pit bull maulings.

And, once again, Loewy hits the nail on the head about what we should remember and heed:

"But here is a fact none of us can escape every morning we wake up: This community basically did nothing in response to the mauling death of Ryan Maxwell.
We didn't address the issue of dangerous breeds. We didn't look into issues of insurance or ownership regulation or a greater role for law enforcement.
So I'm down to the real reason the hoarse whisper in the back of my head won't let me be as the second anniversary of Ryan Maxwell's death has passed.
We failed you, buddy. I failed you."

Thank you, Tom!

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